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Kids and their phones these days, huh? Tereu Tereu‘s latest video, premiering here ahead of the band’s Black Cat show with Black Clouds and the Deadmen tomorrow, is a gauzy, aquamarine, ’90s lo-fi dream, and according to band member Ryan Little, it was filmed entirely on his HTC Thunderbolt.

The video is for “Spanish Lynx,” a reverb-heavy, wistful prog track off last September’s Quadrants, and it’s been hanging out on a hard drive since Little filmed himself with his propped-up cell phone in a shoe organizer hanging on his bathroom door. “[My phone’s] a few years old, but I’ve always kind of enjoyed the odd way it handles low lighting and color saturation,” says Little, an occasional Washington City Paper contributor. (Brendan Polmer rounds out the Tereu Tereu line-up.)

A thumping percussion line make the song almost danceable, but its melancholy vocal tones and lyrics (“Lynx found her house broken into/and flames were licking it up”) sober it up.

“Back in 2008 or 2009, I was reading about the decline of the Spanish lynx, and the process of extinction just struck me as terribly lonely and frighteningly sad,” Little says. “If our primary biological drive is to perpetuate our species, and if everything about us evolves around that core factor, how crushing must it feel when the rest of your species disappears around you?…You’re slowly stripped of your community, your resources, your opportunities to procreate, until eventually you’re the only one left—-no children, no mate, no home.”

Oy. Somehow, the video draws the beauty out of that loneliness and fear. Stream it after the jump.

YouTube video

Tereu Tereu plays the Black Cat mainstage with Black Clouds and the Deadmen tomorrow. 9 p.m. $10 advance, $12 door.