If Serial has whet your appetite for multi-installment murder mysteries but your tastes run campy, try out local producer Ryan Burdick’s new D.C.-focused web series: Green Vespers, a kitschy, uber-low-budget GoPro creation on YouTube. In eight short episodes, Green Vespers interrogates five murder suspects, all members of a secret society with dark motives. There’s sign language, sassy retorts, and lots of queer hook-ups, plus a local A-list drag queen on the diverse cast list. Tear your hair out over Adnan Syed all you want, then watch a silly story that actually ties up its characters’ loose ends.  Stream the whole series after the jump.


Constanza Guadalupe Luz
Financially supports her parents. Feigns religious observance with a rosary she bought out of a coin-operated quarter machine. Preferred weapon: golf club.


Ava Raines
Goes out cruising after a blow-out fight with her girlfriend. Favors mice emoji in her texts. Doesn’t believe salmon burgers are real burgers.


Birdie La Cage
Prances about in glitter and feathers. Enlists a muppet in her Sonny & Cher drag number at JR’s in Dupont. Best zinger: “Ironically, I very rarely use Twitter—but I always use my twatter.”


Kelvin Hardacre
Carries a knife, and has a nasty temper. Might’ve been sleeping with the murder victim.


Minor Gaines
A deaf man and a longtime member of a deadly secret society. Tries to buy love with shiny things. Preferred attack method: bludgeoning.


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