Washington City Paper is a lot like most other American alt-weeklies. We publish on Thursdays. We do our reporting by bike. We even share a name with some other fine, though unrelated, publications.

But tonight, we’re going where few other alt-weeklies have gone before: outside our own city limits.

Along with City Desk‘s Perry Stein and Housing Complex‘s Aaron Wiener, I’ll be setting up shop in Miami through Sunday for Art Basel and the slew of other art fairs that have the city crawling with art-lovers and -makers, gallerists, and all manner of fancy people this week. From our home base of Stein’s grandmother’s house on Miami Beach (replete with a neon-lit bar, red shag carpeting, and twin beds with truck-motif comforters), Stein and I will report on the D.C. artists and institutions exhibiting at the fairs while Wiener takes it easy on the beach. (But don’t worry, he wrote next week’s cover story already.)

Poynter has a pretty funny condensed account of how City Paper‘s southern expansion came to be. (TL;DR: Our boss went to the eye doctor, I made an offhand joke to Stein, and we found cheap tickets.) Follow #washingtonmiamipaper on Twitter for dispatches from the warmer climes and scenes from what one local artist calls “Art World Family Reunion.”