Why is Maryland Rep. Andy Harris so hung up on keeping the District from lighting up doobies in peace?

Jack on Fire, D.C.’s watchdog for all things wack (catcallers, the NSA, the Brixton), thinks he just needs to mellow out a bit.

The band’s latest track, “Andy Harris Needs to Smoke Some Weed,” released in the wake of Harris’ anti-pot provision tacked on to a major government funding bill, asks the congressman to try a bit of local green before making any rash moves against the marijuana legalization initiative D.C. voters overwhelmingly supported last month.

After taking a healthy bong rip, Jack launches into a series of dopey couplets, getting in a shot at Harris’ district before trailing off for another toke. Stream the track and read the lyrics after the jump, then give Harris a call at (202) 225-5311 or visit him at 1533 Longworth House Office Building to tell him to quit bogarting our self-determination. 

Andy Harris needs to smoke some weed
Put down the pen, man, a joint’s what you need
The way you meddle with D.C. really harshes our mellow
And makes your belly look more than a little yellow

I know black voters scare you to death
And your constituents largely prefer meth
But just listen to this: my advice in this song?
Let us run our biz and have a hit of this bong

Some further points in this second verse
Ah whatever, I’m stoned. There’s no second verse.