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The Caribbean’s warm, glitchy “Imitation Air” from February’s Moon Sickness has been quite the popular remix template: Will Eastman, Medicine‘s Brad Laner, and now Tereu Tereu have all come out with their own interpretations of the track.

“Tereu Tereu took a murky, dystopian love song and made it a murkier, more barren planet even less fit for human habitation to beautiful effect,” says the Caribbean’s Michael Kentoff.

The remix—-which turns the uptempo song into something slow and trancey à la Caribou—-is part of a Bad Friend Records compilation that’ll drop next Tuesday, Dec. 16 to benefit local harm-reduction organization HIPS (Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive). The album features Deleted Scenes, the Caribbean, and Tereu Tereu remixing two of the other bands’ songs apiece.

But don’t expect everything to reflect the source material. “My remix of the Deleted Scenes song ‘Seasons Of The Wire’ went through a number of Ableton permutations and revisions,” says Kentoff. “[It] imagines a world where DJ Rashad is alive and well and in psychotherapy every other Tuesday.”

Tereu Tereu, the Caribbean, and Harness Flux will perform this Saturday at Union Arts in honor of the comp.

Listen to the remix and watch the new video after the jump.