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You can tell the Mauls have strong roots in the D.C. hardcore scene. Rapid-fire rat-a-tat drumming, bass lines kicking off songs, and playing fast enough to hit the sound barrier, the trio—-Michael Sparrow on drums, Kirk Waldroff on bass and vocals, and Pete Duvall on guitar and vocals—-recorded with famed producer J. Robbins at his Magpie Cage studio in Baltimore and self-released their debut 7-inch, distributed by Dischord Records. But the Mauls just use those roots as a jumping-off point, moving forward with really catchy melodies and interesting time changes, a great mixture of old and new sounds. The Mauls are the fence that runs between punk and loud indie rock, and will appeal to both camps.

See photos from the show in the gallery.

Correction: Due to a reporting error, this post originally stated that the Mauls self-released their debut 7-inch on Dischord. Dischord is only distributing the record.