The Breaks returns this week after a long hiatus and includes new music from Jay IDK and compliments for Logic from a hip-hop legend.

A Future Logic and Big Daddy Kane Collaborations Could Be in the Works

Logic had a great 2014. His debut album, Under Pressure, was met with a warm response from critics. More impressive, it rivaled Atlanta rapper T.I.’s latest project in terms of sales, falling just two spots behind the veteran’s on the Billboard 200. Under Pressure hasn’t even been out for two months, and Logic is already thinking about his next album, which might include one of hip-hop’s most esteemed MCs.

Manager Steve Lobel arranged a phone conversation between Logic and Big Daddy Kane, in which the Brooklyn native complimented Logic on his work. “I see you doing some great things, man, that’s beautiful,” Kane told the Maryland rapper.

“This is very surreal,” Logic told Kane after thanking him for the kind words. “Without you, I wouldn’t be here, and I’m not trying to jump the gun or anything…you are somebody I would love to have on my album.”

Kane said it would be “an honor,” whenever Logic is ready. Let’s see if this materializes.

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Jay IDK Hungers for More

“Hunger” is the perfect title for Jay IDK’s latest. Over a neck-snapping beat from MarcNfinit, the Maryland rapper explains his motivation with a spot-on assessment of middle class life: “I came from middle class, but that ain’t it/All it means is momma could feed me, but still ain’t rich.” His raw emotion adds to the song’s intensity, which the simple boom bap doesn’t distract you from. The distinct 1990s hip-hop aura is further enhanced by scratches on the look, which come courtesy of DJ Alizay.

One listen of “Hunger” will make you feel like you know Jay IDK—and make you want to hear more of his music.

Photo by Ryan Jay