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With a nonchalant Facebook message, indie-rock quartet Deleted Scenes called it quits last week. Bassist Matt Dowling confirms that the band’s lifespan is officially over.

Deleted Scenes—-which included Dowling, singer-guitarist Dan Schuerman, guitarist Dominic Campanaro, and drummer Ricardo Lagomasino—-never officially announced its breakup, but a post on the band’s Facebook page, likely written by Schuerman, told the group’s fans, “We’re done. Called it in August.”

This news comes on the heels of an otherwise eventful year for the group, which toured the East Coast pretty consistently in support of its excellent April release, Lithium Burn, one of our best local albums of 2014.

But apparently, it wasn’t eventful enough. Dowling says the band grew frustrated with its sparsely attended shows—-something he attributes to the band’s infrequent recording output—-and poor communication following Schuerman’s relocation to Omaha.

“The band almost felt like there was some greater force out there that was keeping us from a wider audience,” says Dowling, who has now turned his efforts toward the Effects, a new project with Faraquet‘s Devin Ocampo and BuildingsDavid Rich. “We felt like the music would speak for itself, but I don’t think any music can speak for itself today.”

Schuerman declined to comment specifically on Deleted Scenes’ end, but wrote in an email, “I’m incredibly proud of the music we made, and grateful to have worked with the most creative and talented people I know.”