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Selam‘s 2013 debut, The Wild, wasn’t a bold introduction—-it was an understated hello and a charming come-hither. While some singers tend to overdo escalating octaves, the Annandale native receded within producer DaRon Jones‘ relaxed electro-soul for a promising effort.

The vocalist’s newest music video, for “One Last Time/Undone,” was shot in Singapore by Tiana Marenah. “‘One Last Time’ is optimistic and nostalgic,” Selam writes in an email. “[It tells] the story of relationship ending but there’s hope and a new type of love formed out of it, one where you walk away appreciating the experience for what it’s given you and shown you.

“‘Undone’ is a song about wanting something, in this case a relationship, to be more than what it appears in reality,” she continues. “That we sometimes dream and wish things were one way and in fact it isn’t and won’t ever be.”

The video tackles those themes: For the first half, we see the vocalist seemingly at odds with her significant other; a collage of black-and-white footage shows a wide chasm in their relationship. Then, for “Undone,” the colors brighten and Selam looks disheveled: Masked strangers appear sporadically; a masquerade occurs out of nowhere. “Sell me a dream,” Selam repeats on the hook. Looks like she got her wish.

Selam and Jones are currently working on the singer’s second EP. Watch the video after the jump.

One Last Time | Undone from SELAM on Vimeo.