True to its name, Paperhaus‘ new single “So Slow” gets a plodding start—-perfect for a dark, rainy Monday that feels like morning all day long.

But don’t be lulled into daydream mode by the simple melody and hefty reverb. There’s a lot to take in here: dual guitar leads, sensuous vocals in parallel octaves, wispy echoes, a stilted bassline, loose soda-shop harmonies. And when “So Slow” gathers its scattered parts together for a jubilant high mid-song, the breath of oxygen is worth the wait. It’s the tortoise to the hare of Paperhaus’ other, more instantly gratifying tracks.

The song, which premiered today on Alt Citizen, is the third single from the band’s debut full-length, which drops Feb. 10.

Stream “So Slow” after the jump.