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Jack on Fire, D.C.’s resident band of radical troll-punks, has a message for the proselytizing masses who’ll descend on D.C. for the March for Life this Thursday: “Every life is a gift? What about mine?”

On an aptly titled new EP, Abortion Hooray!, released just in time for Thursday’s Roe v. Wade anniversary, the band skewers abortion clinic protests, right-wing politicians, and the anti-choice movement’s rhetoric about protecting children.

Jackie and Jack, Jack on Fire’s pseudonymous bandmates, issue a gleeful, unapologetic sayonara to an unwanted fetus on the EP’s title track. “Embryo, out you go,”  they skip-spit on the chorus. “Got into a scrape today/A little scrape will make it go away.”

“Every Life Is a Gift (Except Mine)” imagines a pregnant woman trapped for all her child-bearing years in a chicken coop, laying egg after egg, echoing the EP’s cover art (and one of my all-time favorite album covers, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ It’s Blitz!).

The EP’s third track, “We Aborted Trent Franks,” is a time-traveling skit that puts Jack on Fire on the doorstep of Arizona Republican Rep. Trent Franks‘ mother, who’s pregnant with the little guy. “You seem like a very nice lady, but somehow, your fetus is gonna turn into this weirdo named Trent Franks,” Jack tells her. Guess how it ends?

Stream Abortion Hooray! online for free, or buy a download for $5 and get an abortion swag pack, which includes a recipe for vegan “abortion chili,” a “Buy Local Abortions” button, and a bingo card and NSFW poster to print out for trolling the March for Life. All proceeds go to the DC Abortion Fund, which pays for abortions for D.C.-area women who can’t afford one.

Excited? The anti-choice contingent sure is.

Incidentally, Advocates for Youth’s theater production Out of Silence, a collection of 13 true-life narratives about women seeking abortions, premieres at Studio Theatre tonight.

Stream Abortion Hooray! after the jump.