This week, the Breaks zeroes in on D.C. hip-hop duo Beyond Modern‘s most recent gift, “Lordamercy.”

To Infinity and Beyond

Beyond Modern has built a following on the strength of its experimental, light-hearted sound. That experimental itch has prompted the duo to explore different sonic avenues, like its latest offering, “Lordamercy.”

On the new release, the rappers take listeners to outer space on the strength of member Surr Jazz’s production. The beat moves from celestial to aggressive as he and Marx trade verses laden with their trademark wit. “Hold up, hold up/Look who the fuck just showed up/A young nigga with more lines than white folks trying to buy Cronuts,” Marx rhymes on the opening verse.

That knack for comedy, paired with an awareness of trends and ear for good music is Beyond Modern’s lure. But it’s the ambition they’ve displayed in their desire to avoid being pigeonholed as “party rappers” with an affinity for New Girl references that makes their new music—and the wait for their upcoming project, Distorted Reality—exciting.

They’ve provided the day party music, and they’ve also offered something darker. “Lordamercy” is a mixture of both. Stream it after the jump.