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Precious Joubert’s son walks around the house singing songs by Maze & Frankie Beverly and Michael Jackson. That’s why local band Sound of the City creates what it does.

“Our goal is to create timeless music, something that can be played in front of your children,” says Joubert, the group’s lead singer. “These kids don’t have any timeless music. This new stuff is trendy, but it’ll be out of here eventually.”

Sound of the City’s new EP, Chasin’ My Dreams, comes nearly five years after its live album and more than two years since single “The Wait is Ova” was released. That Sly & the Family Stone-themed tune re-emerges alongside other nostalgic offerings—namely “Makin’ My Way,” a contemplative slow jam featuring vocalist Frank Sirius, and the title track, on which Joubert speaks to social doldrums. “I’m tired,” she sings atop a driving instrumental. “And I’m broken/Life seems to have stolen, the flame that once burned inside of me.” The song isn’t all gloom and doom; it’s about picking yourself up to get what’s yours.

The song and the EP reach for greater things—love, light, and serenity. Instead of peering at the finish line, the band focuses on the road toward its destination, spinning negative circumstances into positive affirmations. We all get tired of the grind. And sure, you want to give up sometimes. But you can’t; the challenges prepare you for your eventual breakthroughs.

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