GoldLink and legendary, eccentric producer Rick Rubin are working together. That’s kind of huge, and these are the Breaks.

“Future Bounce” Gets Weirder, in a Good Way

The music industry theory for emerging local music acts is that if you aren’t relevant in your respective city, you can’t be relevant on a national level. Virginia rapper GoldLink has proven that this is false. That’s not to say he’s had no buzz in the area (this publication, for one, called his debut one of the best releases of 2014), it’s just that he side-stepped big-time local fame, reaching for national and international recognition instead. I’d say it’s worked out for him: He’ll be working with famed producer Rick Rubin.

The official revelation came earlier this week in a profile on the two done by VSCO. Rubin explains that the “future bounce” sound that pushed GoldLink’s 2014 debut project, The God Complex, to critical acclaim is what drew him to the rapper. Specifically, it was the “non-hip-hop hip-hop direction.”

“GoldLink connects progressive rap styles with cutting-edge dance music,” Rubin told VSCO. “He bridges the electronic DJ culture with hip-hop in a way we haven’t heard before.”

This is high praise coming from a legendary Grammy-winning producer. Much of Rubin’s early work is rooted in hip-hop (Def Jam Records was born in his NYU dorm room), but he’s also worked with U2, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Adele. GoldLink’s work with someone whose talent is so esteemed and catalogue so vast only bodes well for his future.

The rapper also decided that this news was the perfect prelude to new music. He released “Vroom,” a Missy Elliott-sampling cut he created with L.A. producer Falcons. Like a large portion of GoldLink’s music, it’s summer-ready. That feeling of warmth is needed today. Stream it after the jump.

Photo by Mitchell McLennan