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Honesty was a theme for the Breaks this week. Listen to unapologetic music from Logic and Big K.R.I.T., Shy Glizzy‘s brazen words, and Rob Regal baring his soul.

Logic and Big K.R.I.T. Don’t Care If They Aren’t in Your Top 10

After teasing his fans with the possibility of new music, Logic released “Top Ten” with his Def Jam labelmate, Mississippi rapper Big K.R.I.T. It finds both rappers addressing their current positions in hip-hop’s atmosphere, with Logic adjusting to fame and K.R.I.T. expressing his frustration with being perennially underrated.

Logic’s staccato flow and wit (“Money talks, that’s a figure of speech”) impress, but K.R.I.T. steals the show with a verse which expresses how shows like Fox’s new hit primetime soap opera, Empire, have made him loathe his profession. “Start plottin’ my way out this/’Cause shows like Empire make the very thing I dreamed of look like bullshit.”

Though producer 6ix creates a mellow aura for both rappers, no punches are pulled on the song.

Shy Glizzy’s Life Is Good; Yours Isn’t

In Shy Glizzy’s video for “Everything Golden,” the D.C. rapper reinforces one thing: His life is great. It’s a middle finger aimed directly at ex-girlfriends and fake friends who only want a piece of him now that they see his success.

The hook, while slightly misogynist, shows that Glizzy sees right through insincerity: “I called my old bitch, asked her can I come over/She said it’s past 12, Glizzy, ain’t shit open/Seen me on TV and said now she’s just jokin’/Bitch, go get my CD I ain’t jumpin’ in the ocean.”

Straight to the point, and producer Zaytoven’s heavy 808s make his words sound even more crass.

Float with Ras Nebyu and 9th Wonder

Ras Nebyu revealed “Time,” his laid-back collaboration with legendary producer 9th Wonder, where he harmonizes over 9th Wonder’s smooth boardwork instead of rapping. But before anyone screams “Mos Def!” at Nebyu’s decision to flex his musical diversity, know that he’s utilized his singing voice before. (Listen to Ras Griffin lll’s “Strong Soul.”)

This is smooth, cruisin’ music. Now if only the weather would improve.

The Depths of Rob Regal’s Soul

You can never say Rob Regal doesn’t put 100 percent of himself into his music. On “The Soul,” he reworks Los Angeles rapper and producer Terrace Martin’s jazz-infused interpretation of fellow Los Angeles native Kendrick Lamar’s “Ignorance Is Bliss.” Over the syncopated percussion, the Maryland rapper does what he’s quite good at: expressing his frustration without sounding like he’s complaining.

“But these tastemakers say I mean nothing to them/And all my fans see my dream and it means something to them/So, fuck your politics/Membership anonymous/Illuminati rumors, Love & Hip-Hop drama shit.”

He has zero time for bullshit. Per usual, you can feel the passion in his voice.

Photograph by Ryan Jay