With the arrival of March comes spring (finally), along with Wale’s return to the world of Seinfeld with his forthcoming album, The Album About Nothing. Its release mere weeks away, accelerated promotion has begun. Thankfully, Wale is using new music to do it.

“The Matrimony,” which dropped today, aims high. Over minimalist production, Wale opens up about the struggles of balancing his relationships with music and his significant others.

“It’s hard, you know temptation and all/Out here trying to see if my relationship’s strong/Get a place on the charts, or run away from your heart/Gave this music my all, nothing is sacred no more.”

This ode to commitment reads like wedding vows, and its emotion is aided by Usher’s buttery vocals on the song’s chorus. It may not be the obvious wedding fodder that Drake’s “Hold on We’re Going Home” provides, but I can see plenty of people reciting fragments of Wale’s verses to their loves.

This easily trumps “The Body,” which, for all of its radio spins, is extremely derivative.

Yesterday, Wale reached back to last summer and dusted off the rich vow to his benefactor, “MMG Under God (Heavenly People).” While the song was intended to clear up any internal friction between him and labelmate Meek Mill, the 6ix Shoota-directed video is a D.C. tribute. Filmed in Southwest D.C., it features cameos from DJ Heat, DJ Money, Tony Lewis, Jr., and Big G of Backyard Band.

The choir and the band are extra garnishes, and the video makes it explicitly clear what Wale’s focus is: the people. Even though it arrived nearly eight months after the song’s release, Tone P’s masterful production deserved the visual treatment.

Twenty-nine days and counting to see if Wale delivers on the promises he made for The Album About Nothing.