Unfortunately, D.C. is about to get a little less twee. On June 4, David Combs will retire his beloved pop-punk moniker Spoonboy with a final show at the Black Cat.

Combs quietly announced his plans with a short Tumblr post last month, which also included a promise for new music from his other band, the Max Levine Ensemble, and a few entirely new projects.

In an email to Arts Desk, Combs wrote that he’s struggled to find a consistent backing band for Spoonboy. His live band consisted of musicians from Philadelphia, which made for a tough commute whenever he wanted to play a show or practice in D.C. And the personal nature of Spoonboy’s songs made it difficult for Combs to perform them consistently.

“I’d play a house show and get a note from someone saying, ‘Thank you for coming and talking about gender fluidity at the show. I’m genderqueer and nobody talks about that here,’” he says. “And I’d think ‘Well, I have to keep talking about this at every show,’ but talking about the same intense thing at every show for weeks or sometimes months was driving me a little crazy.”

Combs has no special plans yet for his last show as Spoonboy, but he sees himself performing half of his set with a full band and half solo. He’ll do whatever he can to make sure his Spoonboy songs live on, even if they’ll likely never be played in concert again.

“I feel really good about stopping playing the songs,” Combs says. “They’ll still be out there and hopefully will still be having a worthwhile effect in their recorded form.”