Promotion for Wale’s forthcoming project, The Album About Nothing, continues, as the D.C. rapper continues to make appearances across various types of media. On Monday, he was a panelist on Comedy Central’s The Nightly Show.

Alongside sports reporter Rachel Nichols, comedian Rob Corddry, and former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank, Wale lent his opinion on whether or not college athletes should be paid. This is a timely subject, as the NCAA tournament began yesterday. Wale made for a good panelist, because not only does he have vast knowledge of sports, but he also had a brief college football career.

Showing his sense of humor and an understanding of the media and legal system, he was quick to tack “allegedly” onto the host’s assertion that Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel received money in exchange for autographs while playing for Texas A&M University. He also attacked Frank’s short-sighted argument that schools should stop pretending that student-athletes are more than simply athletes. Citing his own experience, Wale explained that it’s a false pretense, as not every student athlete is going to play professional sports, and would benefit from a free education as a result. “I went to school thinking I was gonna go to the NFL, and I’m here,” he said. “I ended up learning things that I’ve applied right now. Take the guy Kevin Ware. He broke his leg—he wasn’t expecting to break his leg—and I’m sure he met people that are helping him in life.”

Say what you will about Wale’s disposition—-he’s intelligent, and his music has always conveyed that. Will this display of knowledge have an impact on TAAN’s sales? Probably not, but he showed a new audience that he’s not just a rapper. But Wale also teased a new collaboration with Kanye West at the end of last week. In the clip, you can just feel the excitement in his voice.

The Album About Nothing is out in 11 days.