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From the outset, it’s clear that Louis Weeks‘ new song, “Fire,” won’t be like anything from his previous album, 2014’s shift/away. This one feels alive—Weeks isn’t somewhere pushing buttons; he’s letting the instruments do the talking. The first single from his new album, haha, “Fire” is a microcosm of the full project.

“My approach with this track, as with all the other tracks on the album, was to mix the electronic elements of my last record with a new emphasis on acoustic arrangements and performances,” Weeks says. “‘Fire’ is a good example of the new energy that we achieved on this record—acrobatic woodwind arrangements, subtle and complex drum parts, inventive and intuitive guitar textures.”

The song and album features live drums from Matt Honor, guitars by Noah Berman, and woodwinds by Ethan Helm. Last June, the trio traveled from New York to Weeks’ studio and recorded their parts in a weekend. “Fire” revolves around a central image: taking your favorite recordings and lighting them on fire.

“I went through a phase where I was convinced I could achieve the platonic ideal of my own musicianship if I eliminated my influences from my mind,” Weeks says. “If I could find a way to forget about all of the pop and rock and classical influences, I might be able to make something really unique. I think the song sees this as hopeful—it’s a way for me to acknowledge both my influences and my desire to be free of them.”

haha is out in May. The album release party is May 28 at the Howard Theatre.

Stream “Fire” after the jump.