Try as I might, and however distracting my shoulder bumps may be to my cubicle neighbors, I can’t help but fall into the deep pocket of this new track from D.C.’s Pleasure Curses, which dropped today on local label Prince George Records.

It’s a funky disco-pop tune with the scent of Scissor Sisters that repeats a single verse and hook over and over until your brain’s reward circuits bust a fuse. The track comes from Pleasure Curses forthcoming release, Pure Lust, set to drop later this spring., and its lyrics read vaguely like a diss track: “Everyone is something to someone/nobody is nothing to no one/but hanging out with you seems like no fun.” This duo seems to know true fun from any old electro-pop beat, especially on this extra sunny track, so trust.

The deep synth groove builds to a climax of blips, bloops, and buzzes that seems built to make a squirming crowd of revelers lose their damn minds on the dance floor. It’s a cute contrast to the song’s darker lines: “I want a word with whoever made me so dismal and gray.” “Concrete” is a flash of color so concentrated, you could use it to dye your Easter eggs.

Pleasure Curses play the MLK Library this Thursday, April 2. Stream “Concrete” after the jump.