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You can hear the Wu-Tang Clan‘s influence in almost everything the Low Budget crew records. On 2011’s The Alexander Green Project, in particular, members Kaimbr and Kev Brown flipped a series of Al Green samples, the same approach used by Wu-Tang leader the RZA.

So while Maryland hip-hop artist Kaimbr’s new album isn’t surprising, it’s still a nice tribute to Low Budget’s influences. On Bronze Horse, he reconstructs various Wu samples into his own collage of muffled riffs, some of which you’ll recognize quickly if you’ve followed the clan. And while Kaimbr pulls graciously from the group, Bronze Horse doesn’t feel like a retread. He reshapes the sounds into efficient, lo-fi vignettes that speak equally to 1990s New York and current P.G. County.

Technically, Bronze Horse shouldn’t work; it’s muddy and hard to hear in certain spots. But there’s something about the dirty mix that works well for the album. It sounds like a cassette. It reminds me of bike rides to Willie’s Records and Tapes to buy Ghostface Killah‘s Ironman and the GZA‘s Liquid Swords. Of course, Kaimbr has a ways to go to reach those heights, but Bronze Horse is a good start.

Stream the album after the jump.