WASHINGTON, DC: Inter Arma performs at DC9. April 13, 2015. ? Brandon Wu / for the Washington City Paper.

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Richmond’s Inter Arma recently released an EP, The Cavern, consisting of a single 45-minute composition that spans a whole range of modern extreme metal, incorporating bits of doom, death, sludge, and black metal, with a healthy dose of psychedelia as well. Last night at DC9, the band’s set was a single unbroken wall of sound that included The Cavern in its entirety—-an immensely satisfying and memorable experience.

Preceding Inter Arma were Nashville’s Yautja and Baltimore’s Drugs of Faith, an interesting bill given that both bands play variants of grindcore, their brutally fast and short songs providing a major contrast to Inter Arma’s lengthier meanderings. Differing styles aside, there wasn’t a weak set in the bunch.

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