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Standout Track: Released alongside “A Mighty Road (Roots Mix)” to coincide with International Women’s Day, Anjahla’s “Afreekan Mama” is a soulful reggae track honoring the women of Africa. The local artist was backed by several notable reggae artists, including Errol “Flabba” Holt—one of Jamaica’s most well-respected bass players, who also produced the song.

Musical Motivation: As its name implies, “Afreekan Mama” is meant to dignify African women who suffer at the hands of misogynist systems that often deny them basic rights and protection. “The earliest inspiration for ‘Afreekan Mama’ was when I learned about the rape and pillaging of women, children, and their villages in the Congo,” Anjahla writes in an email. “It was heart-wrenching to think about it, and my release was writing a song… It is like a letter to my African sisters who are facing these issues daily. I want to let them know I hear their cry.” Anjahla considers the tribute one of the most important songs she’s written.

Sentimental Value: In the time since “Afreekan Mama” was recorded, it’s taken on another meaning for Anjahla following October’s apparent murder of Lincoln “Style” Scott, who played drums on the track. “It was important for me to release the music, as well, in honor of his wonderful spirit,” she writes. “I remember him saying in Patois after the recording session, ‘Now this is what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Been a long time since mi play dem type a music deh—yes sista, I love it.’”

Listen to “Afreekan Mama” after the jump.