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Standout Track: No. 1, “The Afterworld,” a dark, Prince-sampling techno jam that explores life after death. For almost six minutes, producer Pentamon, a pseudonym, employs a cavernous stomp: Metallic synths rattle in the background while the beat becomes brighter as it moves along.

Musical Motivation: Pentamon recorded the EP in 2013 as a way to reflect on the afterlife. The EP’s second track, “Virgil,” pays homage to the fictional character that guides Dante through hell in his Inferno. On “The Afterworld,” the producer examines the social aspects of what comes after death. “How would your soul interact with others in its environment?” Pentamon says of the track. “It was a dual purpose of exercising some artistic creativity, but also trying to think of the physical world in a different sense.”

Get Lost: If nothing else, Pentamon wants listeners to pay close attention to the music. “I want them to have an out of body experience,” he says. “I’d like for them to lose themselves for the five minutes they’re listening to that track.” That means not picking up your cell phone to tweet or post pictures to Instagram. Instead, focus on how you feel when the music plays: “If I could have one motto, it would be ‘put your damn phone down.’”

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