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The 10th annual Capital Fringe festival is ramping up, and City Paper’s Fringeworthy blog (formerly Fringe & Purge) is looking for fresh blood. Want to see the shows for free, sound off on The State Of Local Theater, and get bylines? Can you keep your thoughts brief and punchy like this? Fill out our application to join our team of Fringe critics. All reviewers get their tickets comped, plus a free ticket to another show of their choosing with every one they review. Never reviewed theater before? This is your chance to break into the local arts journalism scene! Do it!

Interested? Please send me an email with your name, phone number, birthday and answers to the following questions:

Question 1: How long have you lived in D.C.? Where else have you lived? (50 word limit)

Question 2: Do you have any experience in arts criticism? (50 word limit)

Question 3: Tell me about the first play that ever made an impact on you. (50 word limit)

Question 4: Please give a brief review (around 350 words) of the brief theatrical scene below. Review it as if you were in the audience.

Good luck, and may the Fringe be with you.
Photo by Lis Ferla via Flickr Creative Commons