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My daughter was three when she first heard Carly Rae Jepsen‘s monster 2012 hit “Call Me Maybe,” and she was enraptured with it—-as three-year-olds were in those halcyon, pre-Frozen days. Her mother and I got sick of it pretty quickly.

That’s when Andréa Wood, a jazz singer and songwriter who grew up in D.C. and was previously part of the local scene, threw us a bone by posting a video of herself in a live performance of “Call Me Maybe.” It was a very different interpretation of the song: syncopated, steeped in the harmonic language of jazz, and, as such, melodically reshaped. I was quite taken when I heard it, and soon my daughter was, too. “Daddy,” she started asking, “Can we listen to the jazz version of ‘Call Me Maybe?'” (Victory!)

Last time she asked, the video was gone. It was a sad time in our household. But now we know why it came down: Wood recorded the song, this time in the studio, for her forthcoming Kaleidoscope album. And here is the new video for it, once again throwing a bone to the Wests.