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Of all the funny characters on NBC sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, fictional poet Raphael De La Ghetto—played by butler Geoffrey—is easily one of the funniest. He appeared on a 1990 episode, after main character Will Smith freestyled a poem in his high school class and attributed the piece to de La Ghetto. If you’re familiar with this episode, you remember all the hilarity: Geoffrey’s knee-slapping poem, Will’s sonnet “Tick Tock Clock,” character Jazz’s—played by DJ Jazzy Jeff—go-to pickup line (“let’s go get some barbecue and get busy”).

It’s all on Nadastrom‘s new mixtape, The Life and Times of Raphael De La Ghetto, which pays homage to the Fresh Prince episode. It’s a 10-track collection of ’90s-style samples and breakbeats. “We thought it would just be fun to do a project around it, so we took bunch of beats we thought sounded good together and sampled the episode to tie everything up,” Nadastrom member Dave Nada writes in an email. “After finishing our album, we got really excited about using a long player format and just wanted to have fun with it and not be too serious.”

Released in February, Nadastrom’s debut album moved away from the Moombahton sound with which the group was associated. De La Ghetto is much looser; it’s a light procession seemingly designed for cookout playlists this weekend. With titles like “He’s a Friend of Mine,” “Tick Tock Clock,” and “Cannon,” De La Ghetto is fully steeped in old-school allure. “We grew up on sampling as an art form and loved the idea of an artist/producer/whatever using records as their instrument creating a collage of different elements into a new song,” Nada says. “We wanted to do our spin on it without it hopefully sounding too nostalgic.”

You be the judge. Stream The Life and Times of Raphael De La Ghetto after the jump.