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Standout Track: No. 10, “Millennial,” which first appeared on Exit Vehicles’ debut demo EP and now appears on their first full-length album. The final track on Stages is “bigger and brighter” than the original, lead vocalist Brian Easley says. The band was able to add a more robust sound to the track with deeper vocals and more lively guitar and drums. The result is an anthem not by millennials but certainly for them: Over the rolling, rhythmic beats, Easley opens the track with “Guess what/ I’m not mad anymore,” and urges “Don’t even think about saying no.”

Musical Motivation: Exit Vehicles didn’t write the song for a fan base or for nostalgia, Easley says, but rather in response to a sound the band created that was “youthful and full of optimism.” Based on the music, he wanted to make a song that reminded him of when he was young and living in Chicago. “We’re not trying to change the world or make anyone think we’re the deepest, sexiest, or coolest cats in town,” Easley says. “We just want to make some music and play some shows, let people know about the wide spectrum of music available to them here.”

52 Seconds: For nearly one minute of instrumental bliss, a guitar solo followed by a drum solo demand the listener’s attention, and perhaps her best air-guitar abilities. “Over the past year, we’ve shifted to allowing our songs to age well like good beer or wine,” drummer Jacob McLocklin says. (He also compared it to “your favorite pair of jeans,” which also feels very appropriate.) This time around, the section between the final chorus and the final verse throw you into the embrace of some of Exit Vehicle’s best abilities, resulting in music that sounds solid even far away from the main stage in your earbuds.

Exit Vehicles plays Rock and Roll Hotel on July 3.