District residents still don’t know if their NFL team will relocate to a new venue at the site of the RFK Stadium, or to Virginia, or just stay put. But in the future D.C. depicted in Fox’s Minority Report, one thing is certain: The Pigskins have transformed into “Red Clouds.”

Deadline Hollywood reports that the sci-fi show’s executive producers have changed the NFL team’s name to reference Red Cloud, “a renowned Indian chief” who led the Oglala Lakota tribe during the latter half of the 19th century. The show—which is based on a 2002 Steven Spielberg movie of the same name starring Tom Cruise (itself based on a 1956 short story by Phillip K. Dick)—will premiere this September. Executive producer Max Borenstein dropped the news at the Television Critics Association’s press tour in Beverly Hills, Entertainment Weekly reports.

D.C.’s NFL team has come under fire in recent years for its offensive name, which owner Dan Snyder previously indicated he will “never” change. (He’s also said it’s a term of “honor [and] respect,” so go figure.) In July, the Obama administration’s National Park Service, which owns the land under the RFK site, signaled it would not support a new stadium for the team unless the name changes.

At the TCA press tour, the executive producers of Minority Report were relatively mum about the show’s plotline. But, in addition to the Pigskins’ name-change, they said the District would have “a cooler public transportation system”—something many residents would like today.

The T.V. adaptation of Minority Report is set in 2065, 11 years after the film. The film portrays an elite police unit called “PreCrime,” which can predict future crimes by relying on the abilities of three prescient humans called “Pre-Cogs.” Conflict arises when one of the Pre-Cogs predicts that John Anderton, the leader of PreCrime, will murder a man named Leo Crow in the next 36 hours—the prediction is classified as a “Minority Report” because there is disagreement among the Pre-Cogs. If revealed, the Minority Report could damage PreCrime’s credibility, and society.

Too bad we don’t have Pre-Cogs now. They might be able to tell us when Snyder will finally end the team’s name charade.