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Standout Track: No. 4, “Boom Hazard,” an ominous, groovy standout from a debut tape by Gauche, a thrilling new collaboration between Neonates bandmates Daniele Yandel and Mary Jane Regalado. The duo wrote Get Away with Gauche by jamming and exchanging lyrics in between work with their other bands (Yandel’s in Priests; Regalado plays with Downtown Boys), recording the tape with a cadre of their friends from associated bands. Get Away with Gauche’s melodic post-punk shoots lyrical barbs left and right at society’s ills, all with a clear-eyed, deadpan delivery.

Musical Motivation: The sinister undercurrent of “Boom Hazard” draws parallels between disintegrating relationships and nuclear meltdowns. “I was thinking about Chernobyl or Nagasaki or Fukushima,” Yandel explains. “Sometimes you’re in the middle of relationships and you don’t know how you got so deep into them.” She credits Cardiff post-punks Young Marble Giants as the inspiration for the song’s creeping shuffle. In “Boom Hazard,” doomsday never sounded so nonplussed.

Carry That Weight: “I am not your mirror/I do not reflect you,” goes a telling line from “Boom Hazard,” flipping the script of a familiar Velvet Underground lyric to make a statement about the invisible crush of emotional labor. “I’ve been really upset a lot lately with my relationships with men, where a lot of the interactions or pleasure I provide for someone are like, ‘You can project on me this image of yourself, and I’m the confirmation of that,’” Yandel says. She’s over it: “It seems like a role women have to play more often in the way that occludes my own rocky terrain, or my own unsmoothness.” “Boom Hazard” is a warning siren: Escape before you get flattened.

Stream “Boom Hazard” after the jump. Get Away with Gauche drops Aug. 21 via Sister Polygon Records, and Gauche plays Above the Bayou Aug. 21.