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Many Howard University students were dismayed to learn Friday that the Migos concert at Bliss nightclub—an unofficial part of the annual Howard homecoming celebration—was abruptly canceled hours before the event.

As a photo of the door of shows, the Langdon nightclub was shut down and had its liquor license suspended by order of the Metropolitan Police Department and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on Sept. 28 for no more than 96 hours. According to documents obtained by Arts Desk, the shutdown was caused by a stabbing in the club in the early morning hours of Sept. 27 that employees allegedly tried to cover up as MPD officers arrived to investigate.

An Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration report states that a call came into ABRA’s hotline “reporting an assault with a deadly weapon” at the nightclub. When investigators visited Bliss at about 3:30 a.m., they talked to members of the reimbursable detail (off-duty police) who noticed two injured people exiting the nightclub earlier. The injured parties both refused ambulance services, according to the report, and told an ABRA investigator that there was an altercation inside and that they’d been stabbed.

When the two victims left, MPD followed and interviewed them at a nearby gas station. The pair was treated at a nearby hospital, one for a stab wound to his thigh, and the other for a stab wound to his neck/upper back.

As soon as the two victims left Bliss, an MPD officer reportedly witnessed a member of the club’s security staff exiting the club wearing a blood-soaked shirt. According to the report, the security staffer said that there had been an “altercation” inside Bliss and that, during the altercation, a third person slipped with a bottle in his hand, which then broke and caused an injury to his hand. The person reportedly refused to wait for an ambulance and left the nightclub. Upon investigation, MPD didn’t discover any broken glass.

What they did discover, however, was security personnel allegedly attempting to cover up a stabbing that occurred in the club. The report concluded that an altercation broke out at about 2:18 a.m. “among a number of patrons near the dance floor.” Security intervened and broke up the altercation, but “security did not separate any aggressors from victims or detain anyone for investigation.” Moreover, the report states that “before MPD could conduct a crime scene investigation, [personnel] attempted to clean up the site of the altercation as well as the hallway where the person with the injured hand was taken.”

Multiple requests for comment from Bliss management have not been returned. There are no scheduled events listed on Bliss’ website.

According to the report, security video footage shows staff attempting to clean up the area where the altercation went down, as well as the hallway where the person who injured his hand was taken. Furthermore, video footage reportedly shows staff cleaning up the blood with brooms, mops, and bleach when MPD arrived.

Bliss’s head of security, James Elbridge, told an ABRA investigator that he did not see any bottles involved in the altercation, but stated that “there were some exposed nails and he thought the injured victims sustained injuries by falling on the nails.”

An MPD public information officer said no arrests have been made in connection with the incident. An ABRA hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.

You can read the full ABRA report below:

ABRA suspension summary

Image via Google Street View.