The Internet is filled with weirdos. There’s nothing surprising or shocking about that. But sometimes one comes across something from the deepest, darkest corners of the Web (OK, Craigslist) that’s just so ridiculous, one can’t help but share it with the world. And that’s what Arts Desk is doing right now with this ridiculous Casual Encounters post we were alerted to earlier today.

The poster is going to be “in DC for the weekend coming up” and is “looking for someone to hang out with” on the evening of Saturday, Oct. 17. What does he have in mind? Eh, nothing too crazy: “Lets go see a show, eat and then totally fuck in my hotel room.” Oh, OK.

But he’s not just looking for anyone! If you thought “Eh, fuck it, I’m down to go see a show, eat, and then ‘totally fuck’ in this dude’s hotel room,” but aren’t into Fugazi, then get the fuck out. You must love Fugazi. MUST. LOVE. FUGAZI.

At any rate, Arts Desk isn’t here to judge or mock anyone’s requirements for a sexual partner. We’re just here to help. As such, here are the shows happening on Saturday:

Tobias Jesso Jr. at the 9:30 Club (early show)
Old ’97s at the 9:30 Club (late show)
Dungen and Quilt at DC9
Ben Sollee and Mother Falcon at The Howard Theatre (early show)
The Fresh Kids of Bel-Air at The Howard Theatre (late show)
Electric Grandmother, Catscan!, ShowPony, Aggressive Pedestrian at Velvet Lounge
Aaron Leitko, DJ Crystal Being at Red Onion Records
WGRW’s NapFest at GWU’s University Yard.

Good luck, Craigslist poster.