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At long last, the rumors are true: Lovitt Records will reissue the final Frodus album, And We Washed Our Weapons in the Sea.

Originally released in 2001, the saga of the Northern Virginia spazz-core trio’s final album is the stuff of legend. The band originally recorded the album in 1999, but broke up shortly after. The band’s struggle to find a label to put out Weapons is a saga in itself: Numerous labels weren’t willing to put the money into putting out a record by a defunct band, and at least one label who did agree to put it out went bankrupt. Eventually, Fueled By Ramen released the CD in 2001 and a small Czech label, Day After Records, only pressed a handful of records.

In the years since Frodus broke up, however, the band’s popularity—mostly because of Weapons’ greatness—grew immensely. In 2009, the trio—guitarist/vocalist Shelby Cinca, drummer Jason Hamacher, and roughly a million different bassists over the course of the band’s history (but for this reunion, Dillinger Escape Plan’s Liam Wilson)—reunited for a short but highly anticipated tour in celebration of the reissue of their excellent 1998 album Conglomerate International.

But it’s Weapons—with its spiraling, spazzy riffs, relentless fury, and biting commentary on the potentially dark intersection of technology and culture during the turn of the century—that remains its most cherished album.

Lovitt Records—who put out the band’s 7″ when they briefly reunited—is reissuing Weapons on Nov. 23, with expanded packaging that includes “original lyric sheets/journal entries and candid photos from that last year of Frodus.” Perhaps some reunion shows to follow, fellas?

Listen to Weapons, in all its glory, below: