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Supporting her recent release Rub, electronica dynamo Peaches and company were a slightly less bawdy bunch at the 9:30 Club last night than her 2012 show. But, per usual, she still made it a cacophonous extravaganza for all five senses: There were props, costumes, and champagne sprayed across the crowd like holy water. In the hands of anyone else, all of this would come across as compensating for true talent, but Peaches has a true singing voice that could knock a house down—the rest of her charade only makes her live show all the more entertaining.

As always, the topic of sex was always turned well past 11. Be it faux sex acts onstage, dancers in bondage wear, naked breasts, or songs with titles like “Fuck the Pain Away,” sex was everywhere. This, too, would could come across as trite and over the top by anyone else, but with Peaches, it’s positive performance art; a call to take charge, to be in charge, to charge forward fearlessly. Peaches is a slight woman, but the power and attitude she puts forth could light a small town for months.

See the (slightly NSFW) photos from the show in the gallery.