Rapper Pinky KillaCorn was a bright spot at last weekend’s ChargedUp Festival in Northeast D.C. Before a modest crowd at Storey Park, she bounced like the venue was sold out, giving the same infectious energy she always does. Maybe that’s why Erykah Badu fired off a simple tweet—“I like u”—toward Pinky this past spring.

It’s hard not to like Pinky: She seems fun-loving and affable, and her music harbors that same spirit. A member of Visto‘s Hippie Life Krew, Pinky eschews gangster rap for something a little more aspirational. She comes off as somewhat mischievous, but in a playful “I could get yo’ man, but I don’t want him” kinda way.

Badu once proclaimed the same thing on Mama’s Gun standout, “Booty.” Pinky remakes the song on her new mixtape, KillaCorn 3.5, using the percussive instrumental to extend Badu’s original premise. Pinky’s version is a little raunchier—”Don’t play wit the cooch/Put ya face in it, have a buffet wit the cooch”—but the message is clear: You ladies try too hard. Dudes love Pinky’s naturally low-key swagger. Visto appears on “What Hippie What,” a single released in March. Here, the musicians drift to their own universe, ditching societal restraints for greater creative freedom.

As the cover art suggests, KillaCorn 3.5 also delves into Pinky’s weed fixation. “Smoke When I Wanna” and “Sheets & Funnel” hit the habit right on the head. Elsewhere, she mentions it casually, largely in relation to other personal preferences. That sort of tongue-in-cheek approach is what makes Pinky who she is: An understated gem of a lyricist, getting by on good vibes and bravado.

Stream KillaCorn 3.5 below.