It’s not unusual for an artist on tour to do an in-store performance at a local record store, but later this week, Red Onion records will host what might be their biggest performance yet: Fred Armisen.

On Friday at noon, the Portlandia star will be at Red Onion Records for an in-store performance. What is it that the prolific actor and former Trenchmouth drummer will be doing exactly? “I have no clue!” says Red Onion owner Josh Harkavy (who, full disclosure, is a friend of mine). Indeed, the last few times Armisen came to town—for Portlandia The Tour at 9:30 Club in 2012 and a performance at the Black Cat in 2011—his show has been a mishmash of improv, recycled sketches from Portlandia and SNL, and weird musical performances. You can probably expect some music at this performance—one of Armisen’s fake SNL bands, the faux ’70s soft rock band Blue Jean Committee (with former SNL co-star Bill Hader), will release an EP of actual songs on Drag City in a couple of weeks. So, yeah, it’ll probably be a weird performance.

Asked if he was excited about his store hosting Armisen on Friday, Harkavy said he was at about an “8.5” out of ten (ten being the most excited).

Red Onion is located at 1628 U St. NW. Fred Armisen will perform at noon on Friday. Free.

Photo by Erica Bruce.