Around this time last year, D.C.-area locals were preparing to dust off their roller skates for “The Late Skate” at Lanham Skate Rink in Maryland.

The event, hosted by local collective We See Lions, was supposed to offer a chance for party-goers to roll bounce in their pajamas to a blend of rap, top-40 tunes, house music, and ’90s and ’00s classics played by the most unique DJs from the local music scene. But moments before the party was scheduled to begin, police arrived at the skate rink, and the party was cancelled.

This year, The Late Skate is back.

We See Lions’ Jeremie Mango says he got the idea for The Late Skate after a friend pushed him to go to a skate rink. “There’s a nostalgia to it that’s really hard to replicate,” Mango says, “so the first year, we just decided to contact the skate rink to rent it out, and we started to tell people about it.”

The Late Skate gained more traction after booking two well-known local DJs, Mista Selecta and DJ K-Meta. “We researched, went to parties, and kind of asked around a bit until we figured out the DJs that [satisfied] our taste,” We See Lions’ Nia Keturah says.

YouTube video

With local DJs, promotional videos on YouTube, and a goal to have more than 1,000 people attend, The Late Skate showed promise. But at the last minute, local police shut down the party due to Prince George’s County’s permit laws.

“You can’t have anything after 1 a.m. without a certain permit… especially when those events have a thousand people expected,” says Mango.

Although last year’s Late Skate had an unplanned ending, We See Lions is reviving the party this Friday. The event was announced via email last week, with a few new partners like T-shirt company Soul & Ink. We See Lions has also worked closely with the skate rink venue and the Prince George’s County government to avoid another abrupt cancellation.

“We couldn’t let it go down in the history books as the greatest party that never happened,” says Keturah.

The Late Skate begins tonight at 11 p.m. and ends at 3 a.m at Lanham Skate Center, 9901 Lanham Severn Road, Lanham. Tickets are $8 online and $10 at the door.