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Attention nerds: T-minus 17 days until Star Wars: The Force Awakens premieres in theaters everywhere. Among them? The glorious IMAX theater at the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, perhaps the most appropriate venue to see a new Star Wars movie. But the Smithsonian has a stern warning for all those Star Wars fanatics flocking en masse to catch The Force Awakens on the big, big screen: Leave your blasters and masks at home.

In an email to ticket holders, the Smithsonian says that “costumes are permitted with the following restrictions:”

  • Masks are prohibited for guests 16 years old and over.
  • Light Sabers must be soft plastic to be permitted.
  • Any movie props or “blasters” that resemble a gun will not be permitted at the full discretion of the security officers.
  • Security officers reserve the right to use their discretion when screening for safety inside the Museum and Airbus IMAX Theater.

Additionally, the Smithsonian is anticipating a lot of people to show up for those first screenings and are encouraging ticket holders to pick up their physical tickets in the days before the screening. Basically, the Air and Space Museum will be Star Wars fanaticism chaos. Better start lining up now.