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The only thing more passé than “[’90s band] reunites” in 2015 is “[’90s band] performing [classic album] in its entirety.” Still, this is one such announcement that’s cause for excitement: Lorelei—the Slumberland Records band from D.C.’s indie-pop heyday in the early ’90s—will perform their debut album Everyone Must Touch The Stove in honor of its 20th anniversary at the Black Cat on Dec. 28.

Perhaps its because Lorelei disbanded in 1996, before they ever really got big (they reunited in 2009), or perhaps its because Everyone Must Touch The Stove was one of those under-the-radar gems that those in the know talked about with wide-eyed reverence, but this one-off show truly exciting. Whereas much bigger ’90s bands can reunite just for quick, hefty paycheck (lookin’ at you, At the Drive-In), there’s not a lot of money at stake for Lorelei (though a well-attended show at Black Cat will certainly pay more than their bar tab); they’re doing it because they want to.

Though Slumberland bands back then were mostly known for their twee, indie-pop sensibilities, Lorelei never quite fit that mold, and instead channeled bands like Charlatans UK and The Cure with their noisy, jangly post-rock sound. There wasn’t really a band like Lorelei in D.C. back then and, to be quite honest, their hasn’t really been a band like them since. As Edward Charlton writes in a sprawling article and interview with the band for the Clicky Clicky Music blog, “Everyone Must Touch The Stove foretold much of the coming post-rock movement, whose influence helped shape the next two decades of sub-popular independent music.”

Listen to the album below:

Lorelei will play with Governess, and feature DJs Geoff Turner (Gray Matter), Dan Searing (Whorl), and Archie Moore (Velocity Girl) at Black Cat on Dec. 28. Tickets here.

Photo by Erica Bruce