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Standout Track: No. 3, “Lies Are Chic.” 1432 R label co-founder Dawit Eklund is crafting a steady following with sounds that bridge techno and Afro-house, and his latest groove is the infectious closer on the new Ourobos EP. According to the Ethiopian-born D.C. resident, the track was inspired by legendary musician Herbie Hancock’s fall from pop expectations and the discovery of a creative liberty that followed.

Musical Motivation: “I was listening to a lot of Herbie Hancock at the time, specifically his [lightly-regarded, creatively diverse] album Sextant,” Eklund says. Inspired by the “atmospherics” of it, Eklund then revamped an older song that he made in 2014, with “4/4 kicks and Tony Allen-inspired Afrobeat snares” to become “Lies Are Chic.”

Bust-A-Move: Growing up going to dance parties in Ethiopia “where popular Nigerian, Ivorian, and Tanzanian music was prevalent,” Eklund has always had an affinity for grooves. In eighth grade, Eklund began messing around with recording and music production, while being introduced to Afrobeat rhythms and dance that would go on to inspire the music he makes now. “Everyone knows Africans can dance,” he says, “but specifically it was always the South African kids who had the most expressive moves and it was a distinct rhythmic flow that got them going.”