HO HO WHO: Quichenight is the brainchild of Nashville’s Brett Rosenberg, who describes his band as “Lo-fi, high-brow, easy listening music.” Apparently, Rosenberg is quite fond of silly Christmas albums; Quichenight released A Very Quichey Christmas in 2011. This year, it’s War on Christmas.

CHRISTMAS MUSIC POTPOURRI: Not sure what Rosenberg was going for, but the songs on this album sound like the creations of the illegitimate bastard child of The Shins and Frank Zappa cover bands, plus a little bit of that One Band From Your High School you used to really liked in the late ’90s (you know the one). All five songs are obviously ridiculous, with lyrics like “Put a chestnut on the fire, but I’m not gonna burn.” The first song, “Cookie Cookie” is the catchiest. There’s also a song about “Gentrifyin’ Santa” and, of course, “Funky Little War on Christmas,” but the titles are unfortunately superior to the actual lyrics.

SANTA CLAUS ISN’T COMING TO TOWN: The album ends on a serious note with “Silent Night,” which layers the classic song with news coverage of gentrification in Nashville, like cutting bus service and corrupt politicians siding with condo developers over small businesses and affordable housing. Sound familiar, D.C.?

CHEER FACTOR: 7/10. It’s more entertaining than annoying, which is pretty rare for a Christmas album. The whole gentrification theme is pretty thin and not as humorous as it could be, but Rosenberg is a decent guitar player.