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Standout Track: No. 1, “Full Moon and Empty Veins.” The first track on Satan’s Satyrs’ recently released album Don’t Deliver Us, sounds a lot happier than it has any right to—it’s a song about a vampire trying to seduce a young girl. In fact, the fuzz-covered rock track is downright danceable. “It’s definitely the most radio-friendly track on the album,” says bass player and vocalist Clayton Burgess, “or as radio-friendly as we can be, anyway.”

Musical Motivation: It’s obvious from the first few notes that Satan’s Satyrs takes a great deal of influence from Black Sabbath, progenitors of all things metal. In fact, the band even refers directly to that influence when describing the track. “I tell people it’s like our ‘N.I.B.’,” Burgess says, explaining that “Full Moon and Empty Veins” is “me imagining what it would be like if Dracula wrote a love song.”

Spooky Stories: While “Full Moon and Empty Veins” might be the poppiest track on Don’t Deliver Us, it’s hardly a lighthearted ditty; the vampire-themed track is much more 30 Days of Night than Twilight. This is likely due to the fact that Burgess wrote the song while waiting for a midnight screening of The Satanic Rites of Dracula at the AFI Silver Theatre. Burgess says that he likes to think of all the songs on the album as short stories, each with a different theme: “All the songs are linked together by a sort of macabre atmosphere that pervades the album.”