One of the best-known bands in D.C. at the moment definitely has to be Ex Hex. Headlining the 9:30 Club last night for the first time, the power trio brought an audience of young girls, family, fans who just love to fist pump to their lipstick-and-bullwhip sound, and a who’s who of fellow area musicians to share in the joyous occasion. “Ex Hex is on next to scrape your face off and sew it back on again,” said Mac MacCaughan, who fronted the middle band on the bill, the Non Believers (otherwise known as Flesh Wounds). Ex Hex appears to be taking over the world now, and it couldn’t happen to three nicer—or more talented—women.

If you can imagine Nick Cave singing Lionel Richie-style ballads in the Catskills, you’d get half of what the opener Ed Schrader’s Music Beat is about. For the other half, you’d have to picture this with a gritty, dirty bass sound accompaniment, and Cave beating the bejesus out of a floor drum. When you put both sides together though, it really is a downright glorious noise.

See photos from all three sets in the Gallery.