There’s a reason why Hothead—the new solo project of Gauche and Cool People‘s Laurie Spector—sounds like the perfect soundtrack to a sunny mid-day stroll: That’s because Spector walks dogs for a living. When you’re out there walking the D.C.-area’s canine contingent all day, it’s important to have the right music in your ears. Something casual, upbeat, and relaxing. Or, you know, you can just make your own soundtrack.

“Rocco,” off of Hothead’s upcoming debut EP, is just that: a two-and-a-half minute lackadaisical but effortlessly cool track that sounds like it should be used in a movie. With its calm, twangy guitars and brisk but laid-back beat, it’s the kind of tune perfectly suited to soundtrack a charming montage in a lo-fi indie film (just not the insufferable Zach Braff kind of indie movie, though). You might not be able to make out Spector’s casually mumbled vocals on “Rocco,” but that doesn’t matter: It’s a song that evokes a mood rather than expressing emotion. Listen to it below (preferably while taking a lunch-time stroll on this unseasonably warm day):

Hothead’s debut EP is out January 1 on Sister Polygon Records. Hothead plays at 7 p.m. tomorrow with Bad Moves and Mirror Motives at the Hot Tub House. More info here.