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There’s perhaps no greater motivation to succeed than providing for your offspring. The need to put food on the table will zap anyone out of their comfort zone, forcing them to adopt a carpe diem approach to life. Seizing the moment, day, and life in general is the theme of both Ace Cosgrove’s Baby Need Food project, and its latest video, “Baby Need Clothes.”

Over the bubbly, DJ Quik-ish slide of Robbie Anthem’s production, the Maryland rapper expresses a desire to live up to his potential. “Once in a blue moon I feel motivated/ Like soon I’ma rise to the T-O-P,” Cosgrove admits on the song’s opening verse. As the Perry-directed video illustrates, this quest is inspired by the responsibility of caring for another life.

As for the video, it’s an adorable, effective companion to Cosgrove’s soundtrack. Through his words, he articulates what he wants. Through his actions, he illustrates why. Having kids will make you do that.