Last month, go-go legends Backyard Band dropped what’s perhaps its biggest single in years: a cover of Adele’s ubiquitous piano ballad “Hello.” With a simple pocket beat and funky bass line, Backyard Band successfully transformed a slow, weepy tune into a bonafide head-nodder. Of course, it’s hardly the first time a go-go band has reinvented and reinvigorated a pop song. Below, a list of go-go covers of pop songs, ranked:

6. Go Go Lorenzo & The Davis Pinckney Project, “You Can Dance (If You Want To)” (Men Without Hats)

Go Go Lorenzo puts a funky spin on this ’80s new wave classic.

5. CCB, “Numb” (Linkin Park)

Never thought I would admit to liking any version of a Linkin Park song, but here we are.

4. Chuck Brown and Cherie Mitchell, “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” (Beyoncé)

The Godfather of Go-Go does Queen Bey with vocalist Cherie Mitchell, so you know it’s going to tear the roof off. Bonus for the excellent horn arrangement.

3. Backyard Band, “Hello” (Adele)

Turning Adele’s sad-sap power ballad into something of a danceable tune is quite the feat.

2. DJ Dyn-O-Might, “Royals” (Lorde)

A cover so good it got the attention of the Washington Post.

1. Rare Essence, “Pieces of Me” (Ashlee Simpson)

Leave it to Rare Essence to turn a forgettable, uninspired pop song into a funky, smooth jam.