Last Thursday, SNL‘s Aidy Bryant dropped the trailer for her new short film, Darby Forever. It’s got Natasha Lyonne, Parks & Recreation‘s Retta, and—wait a minute, what’s that song in the trailer? It sounds familiar. Oh right, it’s Priests‘ “Modern Love/No Weapon.”

Darby Forever, according to its official synopsis, “follows the fantasies of Darby, a shopgirl at ‘Bobbins & Notions,’ a fabric store in a nameless town that is both ordinary and bizarre,” and the musical cues to the explosive freneticism of “Modern Love/No Weapon” is perfect. More Priests tunes in movie trailers in 2016, please.

Darby Forever from Darby Forever on Vimeo.

Darby Forever will be released on Vimeo on Feb. 18.