For a band comprised of only two people, Broken Grids can really make a lot of noise. On its debut self-titled EP, the duo—guitarist/vocalist Carni Klirs and drummer Rosendo Flores—creates a sweeping, boisterous sound that almost feels as if it was composed for an arena audience.

The opener “Total Burnout” kicks things off with a brief but anxious sustain of feedback before Flores’ three-beat cymbal count-in introduces the first of five heavy songs that weaves between grunge, shoegaze, and post-prog sounds. Klirs’s vocals are minimal because he mostly lets his guitar do the talking—alternating between punchy riffs and the shimmering swell of reverb, which bring to mind shoegaze’s louder offspring like My Bloody Valentine and Lush.

On “Into the Desert,” the EP’s accomplished midway point, Klirs alternates between speaking and singing, slowly building up into cacophony of distorted guitar and thundering drums. It’s one of many moments on the EP that Broken Grids invite you to get lost in the noise.

Broken Grids play at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday at DC9 with Ghastly City Sleep and Polyon. 1940 9th St. NW. $8.