Standout Track: The second track on CrushnPain’s upcoming All Mountains EP, “What Ur Doing,” begins with a shuffling drum-and-bass beat before it’s slowly coated in shifting layers of synths. According to multi-instrumentalist Austin Gallas, the track contains the essence of what makes a CrushnPain song: “rich vocal harmonies, complex arrangements created with both electronic and non-electronic hardware, as well as a certain open-ended writing style.”

Musical Motivation: While a breakup might have provided a certain degree of impetus for “What Ur Doing,” Gallas points out that it’s “more of a meta-reflection on love than a reaction to any specific circumstance… It’s about the paranoid and self-destructive mindset that can happen when emotions accumulate beyond the body’s ability to contain them.” This idea is reflected in the lyrics, which describe an abstracted battle between body and mind.

CrushnCollaborations: Gallas isn’t alone on the track, with Ben Schurr and Erik Sleight, of fellow Blight Records bands Br’er and Stronger Sex, accompanying with various instrumentation. While Schurr initially became involved in a producing capacity—Gallas and Sleight were the original two members of the band—it eventually became clear that bringing him into the band was the way to go. “The nature of how we work is so collaborative that him being in the band just made sense from a writing/recording standpoint,” says Sleight.