“Community of Hope,” the new PJ Harvey song about Ward 7 that drew the ire of local politicians, which in turn drew the ire of Washingtonian‘s Andrew Beaujon, which in turn started one of the dumbest Twitter spats of the week, now has a music video.

The video is mostly just shots of streets and life in and around D.C.—mostly Ward 7 and, for some reason, shots of New York City—until the end, where people at Union Temple Baptist Church gracefully sing the song’s climactic refrain: “They’re going to put a Walmart here.” Like the song, people will probably have Very Strong Opinions about this video. Oh, and keep in mind Harvey has at least two more songs about D.C. on her upcoming album The Hope Six Demolition Project that we have yet to hear. Fun!

Update: And here’s the story of how the song and video came to be, from Washington Post‘s Paul Schwartzman.